Thinning Eyelashes

Eyelashes make a huge difference to a female's appearance. This is why cosmetics are so popular for eyes. Some women naturally have thin eyelashes; others have thin ones because of bad nutrition or over use of cosmetics. Young girls sometimes pluck out eyelashes as a bad habit. Everyone is capable of having a good set of eyelashes by looking after them with proper care.

Are Your Eyelashes Thinning?

Many women suffer from thinning eyelashes. This can be natural or caused from over use of cosmetics. Women and girls with fair hair suffer from this even more because the light hair color makes thin lashes seem almost invisible. Many women are resigned to having thinning eyelashes from a young age. This leads to excessive use of cosmetics which only makes matters worse.

Loss of Eyelashes in Children

The most common cause of a loss of eyelashes in children is a bad diet. All body hair grows faster on healthy individuals because the hair needs certain nutrients to make it grow. The body needs protein to grow, and vitamins help to promote growth in numbers. Therefore it is important to ensure that children eat a balanced diet. Hair, nails and height of a child will all grow at a slower rate when the person has a bad diet.

There is a common bad habit in children to pick at and pull out eyelashes too. This should be stopped as soon as it begins. Girls especially will be thankful later in life if someone puts an end to a bad habit like this before it causes severe visible damage with the loss of many eyelashes.

How to Grow Longer Eyelashes

Most women would love to learn how to grow longer lashes. Well there are two ways, the first involves using home remedies like applying Vaseline every night or Vitamin E oil. These take forever to see any results and many people report back that it was too much effort for little or no length increase.

The second option is to use an eyelash serum. These are clinically tested to make eyelashes grow longer. They contain vitamins and hydrating ingredients which protect lashes from breakage and from falling out. Most importantly they promote the growth of thick, strong lashes that create a full, natural set of eyelashes.

How to Make Eyelashes Grow Faster

The average growth cycle for eyelashes is one month. It takes them this long to grow and then they fall out to be replaced by a new one. By nourishing eyelashes with an eyelash growth serum, the speed at which they get produced can increase. This means that more eyelashes can be grown within the month cycle. A good growth serum protects lashes by keeping them hydrated which means less fall out as often. This results in thicker, healthier eyelashes which grow faster and don't fall out as quickly.

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