Best Products for Eyelash Growth

Longer, fuller eyelashes are the goal of women of all ages. A long, thick, and luxurious fringe of lashes imparts a look of glamour as well as a more youthful appearance to the face. In past years, the options for women who wanted to improve upon their natural eyelashes have been limited; mascara or false eyelashes were the only choices.

Recent advances in eyelash products mean that women who seek darker, thicker, more luxurious lashes now have more alternatives than ever before. Besides a variety of new mascara formulas, recent options for eyelashes include prescription and non-prescription eyelash growth products, eyelash extensions, individual false eyelashes, and the improved strips of false eyelashes. Eyelash growth products in particular are currently enjoying a huge jump in popularity as more women discover their ease of use and spectacular results.

How to Get Long, Lovely Eyelashes

The top-rated eyelash growth products utilize ingredients that stimulate the activity in the hair follicles along the lash line, resulting in faster eyelash growth and lashes that grow longer, fuller, and darker than ever before. Users of eyelash growth products note that one of the biggest frustrations is that these products don't provide instant results; the lash enhancing formula takes a minimum of a few weeks and even up to a few months before noticeable eyelash growth occurs.

Persistence pays off in many things and eyelash growth products are one of these things where this saying holds true. After several weeks of daily application, most women who use eyelash growth products are rewarded with lashes that are measurably longer, darker, and fuller.

Prescription Eyelash Growth Products

Prescription formulas of eyelash growth products, such as Latisse, are available only through a licensed health care provider. These products offer substantial eyelash growth but are generally expensive and carry the risk of a number of unwanted side effects. Possible side effects from Latisse, for example, include redness, itching, irritation, darkening of eyelid skin, and permanent darkening of the iris (the colored part of the eye itself).

Non-Prescription Eyelash Growth Products

There are a large number of non-prescription eyelash growth products from which to choose, and the quality of these products varies considerably. The top-rated non-prescription formulas utilize carefully tested ingredients which are safe to use in the delicate eye area but still produce dramatic eyelash growth.

In addition, the best choices in non-prescription eyelash growth products have results that are verified in independent studies and offer a minimum of possible side effects. Unlike prescription eyelash growth products, the best choices in non-prescription products have a minimal occurrence of any type of adverse side effects.

Compare Eyelash Growth Products

The best way to compare eyelash growth products to determine the most effective products is to carefully examine the results of independent testing and to scrutinize customer testimonials. The top-rated eyelash growth products have formulas that are proven to deliver longer, more lush lashes without harmful side effects. In addition, the best eyelash growth products have also generated a large and vocal fan base who are eager to share their endorsements with other potential users.

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