Products that Enhance Eyelashes

Many women suffer from damaged lashes from cosmetics, and many women naturally have fine hairs that never seem to grow. There are lots of home remedies and cosmetics which can be used. The problem is that the home remedies have little or no noticeable results. The cosmetic products such as mascara, curlers and fake eyelashes are only a temporary solution which usually contribute to unhealthy, thin natural eyelashes.

Products that Enhance Eyelashes

Products that enhance eyelashes are well worth looking into. These products can be used to nourish the hairs and stimulate growth. This is achieved by applying a serum which contains nutrients formulated to make eyelashes healthier.

There are various cosmetic methods which damage eyelashes by stunting their growth or making them fall out. Mascara is the prime culprit. The heavy liquid puts pressure on the roots and can lead to hair fall when cleaned off. Lower quality brands of mascara should always be avoided. Curling tongs will pull the hair out and make it thinner. Attaching false eye lashes is done with glue which also has a very damaging effect.

True or False: Trimming Eyelashes Makes Them Grow Longer?

There are various home remedies and old wives tales for making lashes grow more. Unfortunately none work very well, and trimming is certainly a very bad idea. This is because the hair around the eyes is very thin and less durable than that found on the scalp. Also the hair found on heads grows forever, whereas eyelashes have a predetermined length. Once they reach that length they fall out and are replaced.

The myth that trimming eyelashes makes them grow longer really is a myth. It is also dangerous and extremely difficult to cut in a way which looks natural. Eyelashes should never be trimmed as there is no possible benefit of doing it. The only way to improve length is by applying a nourishing serum which will make the lashes thicker and therefore slightly longer.

How to Make Eyelashes Longer and Thicker

Applying a product specifically designed to promote eyelash health is the only route which shows results. A good eyelashes growth product contains vitamins and hydrating properties with specific benefits to the hair. Nutrients and proteins work to strengthen the hair from root to tip. Certain vitamins promote healthy hair growth, and these can be applied to lashes.

Get Longer, Fuller Eyelashes

Eyelash growth products have become very popular in recent times and the advances mean that the latest offerings make eyelashes longer and thicker than ever before. In most cases the benefits can be seen within just 2 weeks. Using a specialist product is great for those that want to know how to get longer, fuller eyelashes.

Ingredients like hydrolyzed wheat protein act as powerful hair treatments. They nourish the hair which creates more density. Allantoin is another ingredient used which increases the water content in the hair. Clinical trials using these and other nutrients have been proven to give women longer, fuller eyelashes.

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