How to Grow Eyelashes Longer

Growing eyelashes that look very noticeable is a dream for many women. The reason is because the eyes are such an important part of one's face. When a new person is met, the eyes are the first thing to be looked at. Having a strong line of eyelashes framed the eyes and brings focus to them. Having nice eyelashes creates a great first impression.

Growing eyelashes is something that everyone is capable of doing. Some women naturally have very fine, thin lashes that cannot be seen easily. Women with fair hair, suffer even more because their lashes are less noticeable. To grow thicker, more visible lashes it is important to treat the hair and the roots with a growth serum.

Natural Looking Eyelashes

Fake eyelashes really don't look very impressive. They can give a striking first impression which people find attractive. But the initial wow factor that fake eyelashes bring soon looks tacky. Then there is all of the hassle involved with fitting fakes lashes. Therefore the best option is to go for natural looking eyelashes. Everyone can grow them by applying a quality eyelash serum which will give the body the healthy nutrients it needs to grow beautiful eyelashes.

Natural Home Remedies for Thicker Eyelashes

It is possible to make eyelashes appear thicker. This is exactly what mascara is for. It coats the existing lashes with a liquid which gives a more dense appearance. An alternative to mascara is a more natural method. This is achieved by applying petroleum jelly to eyelashes. This is a thick water based lubricating solution which makes hair look larger than it is. It adds more volume to eyelashes and therefore thickens them.

Other home remedies rarely have much effect. Some women have tried olive oil dabbed on the hairs every night. This is not proven to work. Others have tried vitamin E oil which has found varied results, which are always slow. For those women with very few fine eyelashes, the only realistic solution is to use a dedicated growth product. This will contain all of the ingredients required to grow healthy lashes.

Grow Longer Eyelashes Naturally

Petroleum jelly will also make eyelashes look longer as well as thicker. To actually grow longer lashes it is advisable to include certain vitamins in ones diet. Vitamins A, E and B5 are all excellent for healthy hair growth. They can be taken as part of a healthy diet, or in capsule form in supplements from health food stores.

The best practice is to spread an eyelash serum on the actual eyelashes daily. This will moisturize the hairs and give them all the vitamins they need to look thicker and grow longer. This is the best way to grow longer lashes naturally as a good serum like MarveLash contains natural ingredients. This means there is no risk of damaging the eyes. The best thing about MarveLash is that the results are seen within 2 weeks for most people.

Before and After Eyelash Growth Grow Back Longer, Beautiful Eyelashes Now

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