How to Stop Pulling Out Eyelashes

Maintaining beautiful eyelashes starts by not being too physical with them. The more they are touched, and have products applied, the more likely they are to get damaged. Proper care is needed to keep eyelashes from falling out. This includes keeping them hydrated so they do not become brittle and ensuring that the body itself has enough nutrients to promote healthy hair growth.

Trichotillomania: Obsessive Pulling Out Eyelashes

This is a bad habit that many females have. It usually starts when a young girl and can continue to later life if not addressed. It is similar to the bad habit of biting ones nails. Pulling out eyelashes is something which must be avoided. Parents should try to stop it breaking out into a habit as soon as they see it happening.

Later in life some women believe that pulling out their eyelashes will make newer, thicker ones grow in their place. This is completely untrue and will just leave a thin line of unattractive lashes. Thinning eyelashes occur when the body does not have the right nutrients to promote healthy growth. This can be fixed by applying an eyelash growth serum like MarveLash.

Why are my eyelashes falling out?

There are various reasons for eyelashes to fall out. The most common is because of mascara use. This weighs heavy on the roots which makes the hair fall out more often. It can also make the lashes brittle which leads to breakages. Mascara should only be cleaned off with a dedicated product which promises not to lead to hair fall.

Curling tongs naturally pull out some eyelashes. Curlers are used by many women to accentuate lashes; however the hairs in this part of the body are much finer than those on the head. This means that they fall out much easier when pressure is applied. Glue from fake eyelashes also pulls out lashes when it is removed.

How do I get my eyelashes to grow back?

When eyelashes are lost, they will naturally grow back. However there are ways to speed up the growth process. The best natural method that has been used for decades is to apply vitamin E oil. This can be applied using a cotton bud. Some stores sell it in bottles, but others only sell capsules. The capsules can be broken or cut open so that the oil can be spread over the hairs. Great care should be taken to avoid getting any of the oil in the eyes. Vitamin E is used by the body to grow hair, nails and skin.

How to Grow Eyelashes

Eyelashes will naturally grow on health individuals. Therefore it is important to keep a healthy diet that includes vitamins that contribute to hair and eyelash growth. This includes vitamin E, A and B, if you eat plenty of fruit and vegetables your body should have enough of these. If not you could try taking a vitamin supplement. The ideal method for complete eyelash care is to use a specialist eyelash growth product. This will help the lashes grow longer and thicker, and prevent fall out and breakages.

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