Grow Eyelashes

The most popular cosmetics product for many women is mascara and other eyelash related items, like fake eyelashes. This is because the effect of beautiful eyes if the first things people notice. Attractive eyelashes make a massive difference to a woman's looks. Unfortunately many women suffer from thinning eyelashes that never seem to grow much. Others have used so many cosmetic products that their lashes are damaged. This leads to eyelashes that look almost invisible, even up close.

Maintaining thick, long, natural eyelashes is not as impossible as it sounds. Even women and girls that have never had good eyelashes can find a solution to their problem. Likewise, people that have damaged their lashes through over-use of cosmetics like cheap mascara, fake lashes and curlers can grow eyelashes that look healthy and thick.

Tips for Growing Lashes Naturally

The body produces eyelashes in the same way that other bodily hair grows. The secret to growing permanent eyelashes that appear longer, and in higher volume, are to nourish the hair follicles. Providing eyelashes with certain vitamins helps them to stay healthy and strong. Applying vitamins also encourages growth and strengthens the roots which prevent eyelashes falling out.

Permanent Eyelashes

Proper care is the secret to healthy permanent eyelashes, and avoiding harmful routines. For example wearing mascara every day takes its toll on lashes. The sticky "gunk" which makes up mascara is always weighing down on the roots of the lashes. After a whole day with mascara on, the roots loosen, which means that eyelashes fall out easily. Some women even leave mascara on overnight sometimes which attracts bugs which feed on the "gunk". Mascara can also make the hair strands brittle which means they break off easily.

Eyelashes Falling Out

Wearing false lashes is also a major cause of eyelashes falling out. Special glues are used to attach false lashes which can easily rip out the body's permanent lashes. It is not recommended to use false products because it starts a viscous cycle which pulls out the original lashes and leads to more and more use of the false lashes. Even eyelash curlers will damage the hair because they are constantly stretching the follicles and pulling at the roots.

How to Grow Long Eyelashes

Women can grow eyelashes which are longer and healthier by using cosmetics like mascara sparingly. There are some mascara products that claim to be gentler, but the ideal solution for those that want strong, healthy, permanent lashes is to use a good eyelash serum. These growth products nourish the hair follicles from tip to root. They hydrate the lashes too which helps to maintain a healthy strength to prevent strands of hair from becoming brittle.

MarveLash is the latest growth serum developed using top experts and advanced clinical trials. It is a daily treatment product, which promotes healthy hair growth with vitamins, and correct hydration. MarveLash contains natural products which are not harmful to the eye itself in anyway. Similar products in the past have contained chemicals which have caused damage to some female's eyes. MarveLash is the safest and most effective way to achieve longer, fuller looking eyelashes.

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