Eyelash Growth Tips for Naturally Longer Lashes

A full, long sweep of eyelashes has long been a standard goal in the world of beauty. Up until quite recently, women were either lucky to have been born with beautiful eyelashes or they endured the time, frustrations and mess associated with applying false eyelashes to enhance their natural eyelashes. Advances in the field of eyelash growth products, however, means that head-turning eyelashes are easily within the reach of just about every woman.

There are a number of eyelash growth products and substances available today from both Internet sites and from conventional retailers of beauty products. The degree of effectiveness and safety of the various product options, however, varies considerably from one to the next. The top eyelash growth products receive high marks for promoting the growth of natural eyelashes into a fuller and longer state than ever before, and accomplishing this without compromising safety, which is a critical consideration as these products are used around the delicate eye area.

Natural Products For Eyelash Growth

Some eyelash growth proponents recommend the use of natural substances such as coconut oil, castor oil, and white iodine to promote eyelash growth. While no definitive studies have proven that these ingredients can positively impact eyelash growth, a small number of testimonials indicate that a few women have experienced some degree of eyelash growth from using these substances. Users also warn of possible allergic reactions; even though a substance is described as "natural," it can still irritate the skin, especially around the delicate eye area.

Prescription Eyelash Growth Products

Latisse is a prescription-only eyelash growth product that is seeing a lot of exposure recently due to a huge advertising campaign. Clinical studies indicate that a substantial number of test subjects experienced eyelash growth within a few months of using this product, but side effects were fairly common. Many users complained of eye redness, eye irritation, and darkening of their eyelid skin. A smaller number of test subjects experienced one of Latisse's permanent side effects: the darkening of the iris, the colored part of the eye itself.

Non-Prescription Eyelash Growth Products

The largest number of eyelash growth products require no medical prescription to purchase, but the vast number of choices makes navigating this market difficult. One method customers can use to evaluate non-prescription eyelash growth products is to check out user reviews and testimonials. While product websites may include user testimonials, in most cases, these reviews have been screened and sorted so that only the ones containing the highest praise are displayed. A better source of product reviews is an independent website that specializes in the review of eyelash growth products.

One of the top-rated eyelash growth products, MarveLash, is racking up reviewer raves for its gentle, all-natural formula that promotes the measurable growth of the user's own eyelashes. MarveLash has received accolades from a number of customers who had poor experiences with other chemically-based eyelash growth products but who had no harmful side effects when they switched to MarveLash.

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